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Meet the Committee

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Meet the Committee – follow the link at the foot of this page for BSAC Branch Committee job descriptions & guidelines

Chairman – John Lunn

As your Chairman, it is my job to ensure that the Committee, as a whole, rises to the challenges and opportunities that will inevitably come our way, and that we have a clear view of our priorities (and how to achieve them) going into the future. As part of that I’m one of the Directors of Dudley Water Sports Centre which oversees the running of the Rezza and all that the various clubs do, within it.

I’ve been diving for 21 years, most of these with Dudley Dolphin / BSAC.
This is my second term as Chair of DD.






Secretary – Debbie Roberts

I ensure that the committee has an agenda for, and produce the minutes of committee meetings, and these are available for all members to read (just in case you are suffering from insomnia!). I also make sure that lines of communication between the committee, the outside world and yourselves are kept open so that you know what is happening with the club.

I am also responsible for the control of all club documents, editing the your newsletter (anyone who wishes to help with that please let me know!) and ensuring the content of this, our website, is correct and up to date.

I have been a member of Dudley Dolphin for just over a year and am open water instructor qualified.  I enjoy all types of diving; wreck, reef, warm or cold and I am currently working towards my Advanced Diver qualification. I enjoy diving with all members as well as supporting my club with training new divers and being an active member going on club trips etc.


 Diving Officer/Lead Instructor – Chris Bates

Greetings Fellow Divers

I’m Chris Bates, your Diving Officer for Dudley Dolphin, and I’d like to take a few moments to explain what the role comprises.

We are all members of BSAC, and, under their Articles of Association, a Branch Diving Officer is the National Diving Officer’s local representative and authorises branch diving activities under BSAC Safe Diving guidelines (please do read them), and awards diving qualifications on behalf of BSAC.

I have been a BSAC member since 1987, Open Water Instructor and Advanced Diver qualified, and if you’ve got any questions, please do let me know.

Safe Diving everyone!




Treasurer/Membership – Bev Morris

Hi, I am Bev Morris, your treasurer and membership officer. I have been part of the club for a little over 8 years, having brought my 10yr old for a snorkeling session and never left! I have had various roles on the committee for most of that time, and have been the club’s treasurer and membership officer for the last 4 years. I never thought I would be able to dive after suffering a back injury many years ago but the team here at Dudley Dolphin made that possible, and I qualified on my 50th birthday. Little did they realize the monster that they created. I absolutely love being in the water.

My role is basically to show you around, sign you up, and take your money. And from then on, I’ll be the one who you’ll try to avoid as I’ll most probably want money ?

But I do make a cracking breakfast once a month, for a small cost if course!! And I am always available for a chat or any questions you may have.
Training Officer – Angie Lunn

Angie Lunn – Training Officer since June 2017

I have been part of Dudley Dolphin since September 2005.  I came to diving (something I’d always wanted to do) when my brother paid for my try dive and starting lessons for my 40th birthday – it turned out to be the best gift anyone ever gave me.  Did first open water dive in the freezing rezza 8th January 8th 2006, in a dry suit with more holes than a colander, fell in love with it and have been diving ever since.

I have been lucky enough to dive all over the world and still find it to be the strangest feeling to dive in warm water without a drysuit – no words can describe the feeling of total freedom, it’s simply wonderful. I am a Dive Leader and have the following additional qualifications, Assistant Dive Instructor, Oxygen Administrator, Advanced Nitrox Diver and Compressor Operator.


Expeditions & Projects Officer – Debbie Roberts

I am Debbie Roberts, and my role is to organise trips for club members, and to facilitate projects undertaken for the club.

Having discovered scuba diving a few years ago, I have advanced through the grades to become an instructor and have found my passion – I love scuba diving and it is my “happy place”.
I am passionate about diving and get great pleasure in being a part of other divers journeys, whether that be via being involved in their training or diving new places with them.  Working with our Training Officer and Dive Officer I am committed to help develop other divers through organised experience dives.



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