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Meet the Committee

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Meet the Committee – follow the link at the foot of this page for BSAC Branch Committee job descriptions & guidelines

Club Chairman – John Lunn

As your Chairman, it is my job to ensure that the Committee, as a whole, rises to the challenges and opportunities that will inevitably come our way, and that we have a clear view of our priorities (and how to achieve them) going into the future. I’ve been diving for 21 years, most of these with Dudley Dolphin / BSAC.


Club Secretary & Social Media – Bev Morris

I have been part of the club for a little over 10 years, having brought my 10yr old for a snorkelling session and never left! I have had various roles on the committee, and for most of that time have been the club’s treasurer and membership officer, and now moved into the secretary role.
I never thought I would be able to dive after suffering a back injury many years ago but the team hear at Dudley Dolphin made that possible, and I qualified on my 50th birthday. Little did they realise the monster that they created. I absolutely love being in the water and have worked hard to get to my Sports Diver qualification.  You can usually spot me by my brightly coloured hair, or hear me shouting at someone (I do like a good shout lol). Joking aside, I am always there for anyone and will help wherever I can.


Diving Officer – Ryan Nokes

Training Officer – Angie Lunn

Angie Lunn – Training Officer since June 2017.  I have been part of Dudley Dolphin since September 2005.  I came to diving (something I’d always wanted to do) when my brother paid for my try dive and starting lessons for my 40th birthday – it turned out to be the best gift anyone ever gave me.  Did first open water dive in the freezing rezza 8th January 8th 2006, in a dry suit with more holes than a colander, fell in love with it and have been diving ever since.

I have been lucky enough to dive all over the world and still find it to be the strangest feeling to dive in warm water without a dry suit – no words can describe the feeling of total freedom, it’s simply wonderful. I am a Dive Leader and have the following additional qualifications, Assistant Dive Instructor, Oxygen Administrator, Advanced Nitrox Diver and Compressor Operator.


Treasurer – Neil Mackay

Hi I’m Neil Mackay your Treasurer.  I started diving with PADI and became a rescue diver before I stopped diving because of work and family time constraints.  I decided to start diving again last Autumn and picked Dudley Dolphin  as my new club.  I am currently doing a cross over course to become a BSAC Sports Diver.  I enjoy all types of diving and my most amusing incident so far was on a wreck off the coast of Gran Canaria.  A small tourist mini submarine went by and I was waving at the passengers who enthusiastically waved back.


Equipment & Boat Officer – Gary Walker

I have been a member of Dudley Dolphin for quite a while now and enjoy the club atmosphere.  I am your equipment officer along with the boat officer. I am a Dive Leader, and love spending time in the water.

You can often find me tinkering in the garage on a Sunday morning.  I enjoying diving in a variety of places and countries, so much so, the family are also either learning to dive or already qualified to dive.    I am always happy to help any member of the club and encourage and support new members.  I recently qualified as an assistant instructor and enjoy teaching members and showing them the delights of the underwater world.


Membership Officer – Donna Webley
When you have had your try dive, and you decide to take the plunge, literally, I will be there to show you around our facilities, and sign you up to join the mad house! I am a Sports Diver myself and like to spend most of my free time with my buddies in the water.


Welfare Officer – Zack Smith


Social Secretary – Pamela Brazier
I organise all of our social events, and can often be found slaving away in the kitchen cooking for everyone. I love socialising so this is the perfect role for me. I’m currently an Ocean Diver.


Expeditions Officers – Ryan Newton-Cox
Along with other Dive Leaders, I organise our club days out, diving weekends and longer breaks.

Once you are a qualified Ocean Diver, or equivalent, you are welcome to join us on our trips, whether they are a day trip, long weekend or a liveaboard in Egypt

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