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Waves Shape

4 of our members treated themselves to a few days diving in Lanzarote. Despite the visability being pretty poor (in comparison to the rezza it was amazing lol) and far less life compared to last year, 3 days good diving was had by all.

Octopus, Eagle Rays, Wrasse, Cuttlefish, Fireworms, Trumpetfish, Barracuda, Grouper, Seahorses, Arrowhead Crabs, Canarian Damselfish as well as loads of cute little inquisitive pufferfish, and even a Devil Ray which according to our guides at Manta Diving is a rare sight.

The only thing missing was the Angel Shark which I suppose we will have to go back again in search of!!!

We also did some snorkelling and saw schools and schools of fish in the shallows.

And of course after all that diving, there were the obligatory cocktails and food. And we celebrated our Membership Officer’s birthday in style.

Definately recommended

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