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Learn to scuba dive

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New to scuba diving? Take the plunge with us!

Learning to scuba dive can be a life-changing experience, bringing a whole host of exciting underwater opportunities and friends to enjoy them with.

From beginner to advanced, Dudley Dolphin BSAC provides the full BSAC training programme enabling divers to progress through a framework of qualifications at their own pace.

BSAC’s Ocean Diver course is the place to start. This entry-level open water diver qualification will equip you with the core skills to dive to a maximum of 20 metres in open water, in the UK and abroad.

With BSAC, diving skills are taught progressively, with each new skill and experience built upon, step-by-step. The blend of theory, swimming pool and open water skills sessions along with continual technique practice enables you to develop your diving in a safe and enjoyable way.

With BSAC there are five internationally-recognised diver grades, from the entry-level Ocean Diver through to First Class Diver.

Learn to Scuba Dive with BSAC from BSAC on Vimeo.

Get started today!

What will it cost?

To learn to scuba dive with Dudley Dolphin will cost you around £422.50

Training, diving and qualifying with Dudley Dolphin is great value. The upfront costs for children and adults includes your BSAC membership fee, branch fee and other sundries such as training packs. Unlike most other clubs, we offer 12 months of free kit rental for anyone beginning their diving journey with us, and free air fills from our on-site compressor until you qualify. Because we have access to our own dive site, there are no extra or unexpected costs for training with us.

This is the best value scuba training we think you’ll find!

What gear will I need?

As a beginner, you will have lots of questions about scuba diving equipment. Do I need all the dive kit from the very start? How expensive is it to get all the kit I need?

Once you start your Ocean Diver training, it’s a good idea to purchase your own basic gear – a mask, fins and snorkel. We’re happy to offer advice at every step of the way to balance cost and quality.

When you progress to open water you will require a drysuit. These can be borrowed from our club, but you may eventually want to purchase your own to ensure a good fit and familiarisation. It is often only when you are qualified that divers obtain their own full set of gear, although some prefer to hire it, especially when travelling overseas.

As with most specialist gear, there can be a huge range in prices, but we can offer you guidance on what suits your budget and where it’s worth spending a little more. Wetsuits for UK diving start from around £150 and drysuits from £500, going up to over £1,000 for a top-end drysuit if buying new, but perfectly decent second hand suits, or suits in need of repair can be much cheaper. To fully equip a diver with everything bought new, expect to pay around £1,500 although if your kit is well-maintained this will be a long-term investment. It’s possible to buy excellent quality 2nd hand equipment for much lower prices, though.

Start your scuba diving training!

Learning to dive with Dudley Dolphin BSAC is fun and great value. For many learning to dive starts with a Try Dive, why not take the plunge yourself to try it out?

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